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Zaldi & Viva Iberica - a special working relationship - made-to-measue saddles in 5-7 working days
ZVBZaldi & Viva Iberica - a special working relationship - made-to-measue saddles in 5-7 working days

Your new Zaldi saddle can be made-to-measure, unique for you and your horse - in just 5-7 working days!

You can also choose from a range of materials, colours and even colour combinations, which can include contrasting trim and piping. When considering a made-to-measure saddle you have options that include ergonomic panels, elasticated front girth straps, long or short girth straps. Your choice of size includes; saddle/tree width, seat length/size, depth of seat (semi-flat, deep, extra deep), gullet width etc.  If you have a more specific special requirement then even overall seat length or panel length can be altered to suit on some models.  You can even specify a double padded seat for extra comfort.  On some saddles you have a choice of wool or synthetic foam panel fillings.

Many Zaldi saddles are available off-the-shelf for immediate delivery, although more of our customers around the world now take advantage of our special and recently introduced made-to-measure service we are able to offer through our close and efficient working relationship with Zaldi.

Together Viva Iberica and Zaldi can usually turn a special, unique and made-to-measure order around and desatch in 5 to 7 working days, probably unique in the saddlery world - yet saddles are stil hand made by craftsmen in Zaldi's Salamanca factory workshop.

For more than 21 years Viva Iberica have sold Zaldi products, initially in 1991 being Zaldi’s first UK stockist, and since the 1990's a worldwide Zaldi distributor through the Viva Iberica webshop, now based in Spain since 2003.

Saddle sizing gauge
ZSGSaddle sizing gauge

 An easy to use gauge. Just place it over your horse's back over the withers and read off the saddle size required. Full instructions for use are printed on the guage. Also instructions for measuring for the optimum gullet width for a saddle tailor made for the best comfort for your horse. Details also show how to measure for the optimum saddle seat size. Instructions are printed in English and Spanish. As a service to our customers we only charge the cost of delivery for this item.

Zaldi T+T saddles - Tradition + Technology, Choice, Service . . . and link with Viva Iberica
ZALDI SADDLESZaldi T+T saddles - Tradition + Technology, Choice, Service . . . and link with Viva Iberica

Zaldi have been making saddles for more than 100 years, through 4 generations of master saddle makers. The current range of Zaldi saddles are manufactured under the T + T brand, which stands for Tradition + Technology, as the saddles are hand made by master craftsmen in the Traditional way while incorporating modern research and genuinely market leading Technology.

Tradition: For 100 years Zaldi has recruited and trained specialist craftsmen and saddle makers and now has 100 highly skilled employees in a modern saddle manufacturing facility. All Zaldi saddles are handmade using the best traditional methods. Not only are Zaldi saddles based on over 100 years of experience and excellent reputation, but the owners, designers and management of the company are and have been for generations, accomplished equestrians and riding enthusiasts, well aware of the needs of riders and their horses through a variety of equestrian disciplines.
Technology: Zaldi have technically developed the design of the saddle’s tree in conjunction with scientific research by the Foundation for the Investigation and Development in Transport and Energy (CIDAUT) and in practice with, for example; world class dressage riders, the World Endurance riding champion, top Vaquera riders and Rejoneadors and Zaldi saddles are used by riders of the Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre (Spanish riding school). As a result each saddle tree type is designed specifically for each equestrian discipline and there are more than 8 designs for different disciplines in shape and weight distribution, differnt seat depths, widths, lengths as well as variations in materials, including lightweight ‘elastic’ high tech polymers, carbon fibre and even carbon fibre/polypropylene mixes. These new Zaldi T+T saddle trees are now width adjustable (see ‘Service’ below).
Detail: Zaldi have designed many details and options for a wide variety of equestrian pursuits. For example Zaldi endurance saddles are available with special lightweight ‘multi-position’ stirrup bars that allow muscle relaxing position changes on long distance competitions, dressage saddles can have ‘long’ stirrup bars to allow a more rearward positioned dressage stirrup/leather, ‘V’ system load spreading girth straps, elasticated front girth straps, deep, semi-deep or flat seats, close contact, an optional special ergonomic panel design to allow greater mobility for wide backed horses, a choice of either wool or latex rubber filled panels, dual density rubber foam seats, safety or traditional stirrup bars . . . and more.
Choice: Zaldi’s T + T saddle range provide a huge choice in sizes, colours, materials and other options. For example most of the Zaldi saddle range are available in a choice of 5 widths and many in seat sizes from 16” to 19”, in addition to children’s and pony saddles. Zaldi saddles can be ordered made in leather or Z-Plus material, multi-coloured, bi-colour leather etc.
Service: When you consider we - Viva Iberica - can offer a choice of around 100 Zaldi saddle models most with choices of up to 6 lengths, 5 widths, 2 materials, 5 leather colours, bi-colours, 8 Z-Plus colours, various stirrup bars, 4 girth choices, and more – this means there are over 48,000 variations, without counting the girth or stirrup choices, so it is inconceivable that we can stock every possible choice or combination. Therefore we have an exceptional arrangement with Zaldi - where saddles are made to order, to our customer’s specific requirements, usually within 5 working days from order. This efficient working relationship is most possibly unique between saddle manufacturer and supplier and combines the ultimate in customer choice with fast efficient delivery, even more so when you realise these saddles are individualy hand made by master craftsmen.   Another bonus is that the latest T+T range of Zaldi saddles have width adjustable trees, if returned to the factory or some Zaldi trained distributors, which means a saddle can last your horse’s lifetime, from youngster, through build up of muscle, to old age . . . then on to another horse. Saddles can be returned to Viva Iberica for this service.
Zaldi and Viva Iberica: For more than 21 years Viva Iberica have sold Zaldi products, initially being Zaldi’s first UK stockist, and since 1992 a worldwide Zaldi distributor through the Viva Iberica webshop, now based in Spain. Using Zaldi’s methods of measuring or ‘sizing’ horses for many years we have been able to ensure customers are efficiently supplied with saddles that properly fit their horses. We also have the equipment and skills to offer our customers a service to alter the widths of the new generation of Zaldi T+T saddle trees, should this be necessary. For information on how to measure your horse for a good saddle fit please see ‘Saddle Fitting’.
Choice of leather colours for Zaldi saddles
COLOURSChoice of leather colours for Zaldi saddles

 Most Zaldi saddles are available in a range of 5 different leather colours. These are London (tan/avellana), Dark London (tostado), Havana (habana), Brown (marron) or Black (negro). The picture shows an approximation of these colours as a guide, but please note that website colours may not be a completely accurate rendering of the colour and this is also affected by different computers and set-ups. Zaldi saddles are made from natural leather and colours can vary slightly each season and time of year, especially the London and dark London. However, this guide should assist in giving you a reasonable idea. You can click to enlarge this image.

Z-Plus material (Zaldi saddles)
Z-PLUSZ-Plus material (Zaldi saddles)

 Most Zaldi saddles can be ordered in Z-Plus material, or natural leather. Z-Plus is a synthetic and ecologicaly friendly material and is very hard wearing and resistant. It is also comfortable to ride on. Zaldi's Z-Plus material does not need any special care and can be cleaned with water and soap (although you do need to dry it after washing). Saddles made in Z-Plus may be ideal for riding schools as well as individual riders. Zaldi saddles can be are available in a wide range of Z-Plus colours and colour combinations, so if you can't find your ideal choice on our website please contact us by e-mail and we will see if we can provide you with the colours and/or combinations of your choice.

Zaldi dressage saddle ANATOMIC Panel
00903Zaldi dressage saddle ANATOMIC Panel

This is an ergonomic panel specially designed for wide backed horses as it allows a greater mobility to the horse, a more free movement of the horse's back.
YOU CAN ORDER ANY ZALDI DRESSAGE SADDLE WITH THIS FLAP, but it can only be fitted by Zaldi as they manufacture a new saddle, it is not suitable for retro fitting.
The anatomic panel is supplied with the elastic 1st girth strap, part number 00903A, as a complete set and the extra cost for the complete set (panel and elastic girth) is 50 euros.

€41.32 €50.00
Zaldi optional elastic girth strap
00903AZaldi optional elastic girth strap

 Zaldi dressage saddles can be ordered with an elasticated first (front) girth strap, at no extra charge. This can provide an easier movemnt to the horse and can also prevent the saddle moving forwards over the wither. YOU CAN ORDER ANY ZALDI DRESSAGE SADDLE WITH THIS GIRTH AT NO EXTRA COST.The elastic 1st girth strap is also supplied in conjunction with the anatomic panel, part number 00903, as a complete set and the extra cost for the complete set (panel and elastic girth) is 50 euros.

Measuring flap length
FLAP LENGTH MEASUREMENTMeasuring flap lengthWe are sometimes asked what the flap length is on a particular saddle, so it is important to know where the measurement is taken from on the saddle. See the picture of Zaldi's Alta Escuela saddle - the length is measured from what is known here as the 'Vivo' to the bottom of the flap. The vivo is the join of the seat of the saddle to the main body, in this case the white line where the saddle colour changes from grey (seat of saddle) to dark blue (flap). €0.00
Leather - Quality & Terminology
LLeather - Quality & Terminology

What does 'full-grain' leather mean?   What does 'vegetable-tanned' leather mean? 

For information and jargon busting  Click here for article


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